New theories and research suggest that Atlantis is sunk under the ice of Antarctica

The mystery of Atlantis continues to give researchers and scientists around the world something to talk about in order to locate its remains.

For centuries humanity has studied and debated the possible fate of the legendary civilization of Atlantis, its only chronicler was the revered philosopher Plato in the fourth century BC. described it as a prosperous island paradise inhabited by the descendants of the sea god Poseidon, described incredible technological advances, diverse animal species and great mineral wealth, with magnificent public buildings and commercial channels.

However, the divine nature of the citizens of Atlantis and the society they had created faded with the passing of generations, rivalries began and war broke out, the gods became angry at these attitudes and in revenge sent a cataclysm of gigantic proportions to the island, violent earthquakes shook and sunk Atlantis.

Scientists, historians, archaeologists, have studied theories explored and excavated for centuries seeking the location of the famous civilization without any success, but a new theory puts five powerful arguments on the table that point out that the island may be under miles of thick ice in Antarctica.

Based on the findings of Solon, an Athenian lawmaker who traveled to Egypt to locate the lost island, knowledge of the world at that time was quite limited. The only ocean in the world known was the Atlantic Ocean, it was not until many centuries later that explorers discovered other oceans such as the Pacific and Indian Oceans. At that time Solon was told that the Mediterranean Sea was just a bay of the real ocean and that Atlantis was in the middle.

Thus it becomes inexplicable that even without knowledge of the rest of the sea, accurate cartographic records of the ocean have been found in the latitudes that harbored highly developed civilizations near Antarctica, just before it became a huge block of ice, a work done in such detail that it could only be completed by looking at the earth from the sky.

When the earth shook for the last time

On the other hand, the theory of the displacement of the earth’s crust has shown how abrupt movements have caused massive extinction and glaciation patterns, Albert Einstein explained that the earth occasionally suffers an extensive displacement, the entire alpha shell shaking with speed and violence similar to that recorded in Plato’s account of the end of Atlantis.

It is estimated that the last displacement of the Earth’s crust occurred on the date Plato had set for the destruction of the island, just prior to that event the part of the surface that was directly above the North Pole was the part covered by the North American ocean.

Atlantis and its possible relationship with other ancient civilizations scattered throughout the world

After reading Plato’s account, a study was made of ancient civilizations around the world, and a common theme was discovered in their mythological heritage: massive floods that destroyed a rich and prosperous island. Ancient Egyptian archives describe a catastrophic flood that also killed a paradisiacal island.

On the other side of the world, in Iraq, ancient remains of the Sumerian people dating back thousands of years have been discovered. The Sumerian civilization had a good quality of life until a God decided to destroy humanity by bringing a world flood and the survivors escaped in big ships that took them to a new land where they took refuge in a mountain. Similar stories are heard in Central and South America with the Aztec empire.

This could mean that the peoples of Atlantis may have fled to every corner of the world, leaving as evidence these similar stories found in all the records of ancient civilizations.

Sumerian Agriculture is considered by archaeologists to be the first civilization that arose after Atlantis, with signs of harvesting for the cultivation of cereals and the domestication of wild animals such as rabbits and goats, ancient writings from this and other cultures around the world describe a civilization that had advanced techniques in agriculture.

This is how mountain farming originates, since according to the records, these civilizations escaped in large ships that took them to a new land, where they took refuge in a mountain after losing their homes to a great flood that destroyed the city. Fearing that this disaster would happen again, they decided to stay high in the mountains.

Escaping disaster and finding new destinations

It is important to say that there are sacred sites in Latin America and Asia linked by ten-degree intervals to the Great Pyramid in Egypt and many other mysterious places, which suggest the technology developed by the inhabitants of Atlantis, and described in Plato’s records as magic, these very separate connections suggest the existence of a long period of time and advanced civilization, which was dispersed throughout the planet.

This conclusion is validated by archaeology, finding constructions and objects with technological developments very advanced for the time, scattered in the sites that hosted these mysterious civilizations. Atlantis may have disappeared, but it is also very likely that many of its inhabitants have escaped the disaster and made further progress elsewhere, with other cultures or creating new colonies that would later become empires.

Some researchers also suggest that Atlantis was not the object of a great cataclysm, it simply suffered the consequences of a flood when large chunks of Antarctic ice fell off and the sea level rose, the inhabitants saw the imminent danger and decided to flee, having enough time to escape to other territories and continue their lives with the knowledge that the island left them.

If this theory is true, Atlantis sank and drifted underwater during all this time, it has been thousands of years of earthquakes and melting of the poles that have displaced Antarctica along the ocean, making it very likely that the island is now below, and that it has been sunk like many other places in the world that are currently at risk of disappearing due to sea level rise.

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