People Who Got Tired Of Leading A Human Life

They all decide to live their lives the way they want, but some decide to overcome human attitudes.

We all have particular tastes in front of animals, some like dogs, some like cats, some like birds and reptiles, in short, everyone has a certain affinity for a species, but surprisingly there are some people who have become obsessed to the point of feeling like one of these creatures, stopping leading a normal human life to become totally different people, who adapt the habits of their favorite animals and creatures.

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Vampires: And with all the popularity of the creatures of the night, appearing in modern movies, books and TV shows, it’s no wonder that people want to live life as a vampire, at least for a moment to get rid of their curiosity, that’s exactly what Vanian Dark, 55, and his wife, 28, have done. The couple live in Manchester, England, they love black clothes and have a desire for royal human blood, although they claim they do not take it from involuntary hosts.

Human cat: Nano says she’s always been a cat and does very feline things, like walking on all fours, sleeping on the edges of windows, whistling at dogs, drinking water from a cat container, and meowing playfully to humans, even those she doesn’t know. Also claiming to have incredible night vision and improved feline hearing, Nano says he was definitely born, in the wrong species, the first person to identify himself as a cat.

Silver Elves: Michael Love is also known, by his elf name Zardoa, as a member of a supposed family of these mystical creatures from Tolkien’s novels. He claims to know how to cast spells and perform incantations, as well as to follow a spiritual path. Zardoa has been living his magical elf life in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his wife Sisterflame, and they have both written and published different books on elf magic.

Transgender Dragon: Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa, formerly Richard Hernandez, is a 56-year-old transgender woman from Arizona and the world’s first transgendered human dragon. Through multiple plastic surgeries, they have removed her ears, modified her teeth, nose, split tongue, and implanted eight horns in her head, she also has full-body tattoos that create scaly skin patterns, as well as tattoos on her face, and she still has plans for more cosmetic work.

Unicorn with feet: Being a unicorn does not require you to act like a horse literally, Shaft and his unicorn clan in London, England, look like a bunch of modern hippies, party and dance, while wearing a unicorn horn tied around their foreheads, have thousands of followers around the world, and are always bright and happy, even though many people make fun of them too, the message of positivity they give is very motivating.

Animal Man: Charles Foster is a rarity among the human species, especially because he lives through the perspective of different animals to find answers to philosophical questions about himself and about life. He has devoted much of his life to act as an animal, was a successful lawyer and veterinarian, who studied at Cambridge, and teaches at Oxford University.

When not writing, he spends his time as a badger in Wales with his son, sleeping during the day and hunting at night, even smelling each other’s faeces, in London he travels at night eating out of garbage cans, sleeping under the bushes and competing with other foxes for food.

Peter Pan: This is the case with Randy Constan, a 64-year-old former engineer and musician who has decided to live like Peter Pan, who likes to dress in Peter Pan suits, in green leotards whenever he can, and act like a carefree child. He created his own website, in order to spread his life choice, connect with others who felt similarly, about living as an eternal child or fairy, and possibly find his soul mate.

He has been appearing on talk shows, receiving contact from other strange and enthusiastic lifestyles, and his current wife Dorothy is also a member of the organization.

The Goat Man: Thomas Thwaites is a British writer who one day decided to take a holiday and became a goat man. After spending a whole year researching how to escape the daily stress and anxieties of human life, he convinced a prosthetic expert in Manchester, England, to help him create false goat limbs so that he could walk like one of them.

He found a goat farm in Wolfenschiessen, Sweden, which allowed him to spend time with a real goat herd, spent three days with them and three days alone, and ended up winning a Nobel Prize for documenting his strange experience in his book Goat Man.

Real-life ponies: A huge group of unconditional fans of the My Little Pony toy line dress up in super extravagant and often complex costumes, emulating their favourite character. They live their lives under the creed of the pony with which they most identify. People of all ages and ethnicities have joined this group,

Furries: A huge group of people of all ages identify themselves as furries, these are enthusiastic costume lovers who appreciate animal characters, with human attributes and personalities, and who originate from a science fiction convention. This fandom has become a subculture in itself. They participate in huge meetings, specifically in England every year, and share their tastes and trends by gathering on social networks.

Most of these groups are formed by characters who have decided to release their beings in particular ways, eliminating the stress and pressures generated by very exhausting work. Definitely, everyone finds the best way to relax and lead their lives, the important thing is not to affect the tranquillity of other people and not to hurt anyone in the exercise of their roles as creatures locked in human bodies.



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