Practice this subconscious mind exercise to turn your life around and attract success

Researchers agree that the law of attraction can generate a powerful flow of energy capable of fulfilling all of a person’s desires.

The functioning of the human mind is fascinating, the way in which ideas and creativity link knowledge and experience to find solutions to problems, is a capacity that must be balanced with the emotions and attitudes we take when we do something, if our habits have a negative mood and we are pessimistic, the productivity and probability of things going our way is very low.

There are some ways to fully use the power of the mind, not only to make the most of our creativity, but also to lead us to the adaptation of healthy habits and productive behaviors that keep us focused on success, interpreting what our dominant thoughts are to mold them to the kind of person we want to be.

When the subconscious mind acts, it does not recognize the difference between the negative and the positive, only after being interpreted by the consciousness is when we can identify that something makes us feel good or bad, involving emotions and changing the way we do our daily tasks, making an evaluation of circumstances, conditions and situations, which coincide with the images stored by the experience.

The conscious mind acts as will, and has the ability to create new results from the ideas that suggest our expectations; the key to using this to our advantage is to remember that the conscious mind gives the instructions, and the subconscious mind creates a solution that corresponds to it, understanding this difference can help unlock the depth of creativity, and develop new ideas by taking advantage of the law of attraction.

Entering our subconscious mind

To begin this exercise we must free the subconscious from all the negative ideas that hold us back, remove fear, act with full faith in ourselves and the hidden capacity that our brain has. If we want to change we have to let go of things that stand in our way, find a quiet, undisturbed place, take a few deep breaths, and slowly relax the body with our eyes still open.

It is time to use our imagination to visualize ourselves in front of a small dome shaped room, this space will be the representation of the deepest corners of the mind, just take a few moments to clearly create this room and its details, there remains stored everything that generates the subconscious mind and our natural behaviors.

Imagine moving toward the room, the mind prepares and feels you open the door, walk with firm steps to help create clarity, once you are in the middle of the room, it is time to take a few deep breaths, and exhale slowly, you should take some time to look around this room, moving your head in the directions your imagination tells you, naturally.

Now imagine that in the middle of this room there is a small bonfire burning, with a very bright white flame. Take another look around this room, you may notice that on the walls there are notes stuck all over the surface, there are things written but you are not yet able to see clearly the words in them, each of these notes has something that may be preventing you from being successful and fulfilling your wishes in life.

Just notice that these notes are there, and feel any emotion that may appear spontaneously, if this part of the exercise makes you feel bad, you must realize that the cause is in these things, ideas and fears hidden in a place of the subconscious mind. It is time to release these thoughts by bringing them out of the room to the surface, without holding them back.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel something, people react to this in different ways, now imagine yourself, walking towards these notes and tearing them off the walls one by one, your body will start to act positively, with firm steps towards success, you are removing any fear that blocks you and makes you think negatively, the things that prevented you from doing what you want are found in those notes that you are now removing from your mind.

Many of these notes are visible from anywhere in the room, they represent the big fears, but there are other much smaller notes that are in the corners and have accumulated over time, be sure to remove them all. These fears and mental blocks can easily be removed from the walls of the mind, imagine that you do not need to make any effort to achieve it.

After you have removed these notes from the walls of your room, walk into the cauldron with the white flame and throw them into it, do this with your body as if you were doing it on the surface, you can even say out loud that you are now a liberated person, without repressed fears. This subconscious mind exercise has radically changed the course of your life.

The law of attraction and its importance for your life

The universe works under the law of attraction, everything that passes through your mind is received as energy by the universe as a great magnet, you are what you attract, this subconscious mind exercise can be performed more than once, if you realize that some of these notes have reappeared, simply repeat the process, until they have all burned completely in the fire.

Once you have completed the exercise, and your room is clean, walk again and exit the dome, close the door as you normally would with your house. It’s time to take a few deeper breaths and move gently back to the surface, you will feel a sense of calm as you rejoin, you can exercise every day until you feel you no longer need to.

Thanks to this subconscious mind exercise, the law of attraction will make the universe give you positive energy, your habits will begin to change for healthier attitudes, it is very normal that this process encourages new hobbies, adventures, there is a deep mental opening that will make you face every challenge with optimism, enjoying every moment of life.

Do not forget that the conscious mind gives the instructions, and then the subconscious mind creates the results corresponding to this, you are the one who directs your life and may be able to radically change your habits to feel better, the law of attraction is real, put it into practice.

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