Recycled Food Pagpag McDonalds Recooked and Resold to Survive


This is the state of the world today, how this family survives by reselling used food.

Pagpag is food from leftovers that people eat.
We pick up the trash from different outlets of McDonald’s, half-eaten chicken, chicken nuggets, burgers, we collect and sort it out from the bags of rubbish, which is later recooked and sold.

How The Food Is Cleaned

For me, life is fair and unfair; I don’t blame anyone for our situation.

My name is Majorie Oronos Atip, I am 41 years old, I have 5 children and we all live together, our house consists of one small room we don’t own a bed or couch as I prioritize food for my children.

As a parent, I will do everything that I can to give my kids what they need, anything that I can afford and give since I started Pagpag 12 years ago.

I am Tasyana Jorado, I am 55 years old
This is what you might find in the bag, there’s a lot of meat here from McDonald’s, for the already eaten leg, I just get the remaining meat for my dish and then throw away the bone.
Even though I clean it well, I know its unclean knowing where it came from, but people still eat it because of poverty.

I didn’t find a lot of pagpag today so will likely sell for 200 pesos ($5 USD) in total, I do hope to achieve something for my kids, even though I won’t leave them with money, if given the opportunity, I want my children to be educated, so that they will have better lives in the future, I don’t really see out life-changing anytime soon, we might continue to sell and eat pagpag for the rest of our lives.

Sorting The Used Food and Meat

I may not be able to provide them with material things, but education would give then knowledge to help them get through life when I’m gone.

To donate to Marorie and Tasyana Please follow this link

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