Something Scary Is Happening Under The Ground In Siberia

Huge bubbles of methane gas and other chemical compounds are forming and growing rapidly under the Siberian soil.

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We know that Russia is one of the countries with the greatest number of unexplained events captured on video, stranger and stranger events happening there and around the world, frightening situations make us think that the apocalyptic legends and predictions of the end of our days can be fulfilled soon, while other times we find no solution to the damage already caused, the destruction of our own home and its unstoppable march.

We are in the tundra of the remote island of Bely, in Siberia, just in this place an expedition was carried out with the objective of carrying out a deep scientific investigation, led by the specialist Alexander Sokolov, an expert in environmental changes who was visiting the area when suddenly he noticed something extremely strange that was in the ground.

The land they were on had had no construction work nearby, no earthworks, earthquakes or anything like that, yet in one specific area, when they were investigated, they stepped on it, the soil seemed to turn rubbery, the firmness disappeared, and the surface seemed to turn to jelly.

They were surprised by the finding, were very confused and decided that the best thing to do was to capture the strange phenomenon on video, a few seconds later the researcher firmly stepped on the bubble over which they were standing, until that piece of soil released all the contained air and the ground returned to normal.

Incredibly, the area in which these researchers were located housed up to 15 bubbles with an average diameter of 2 meters each, a study was carried out to determine the causes of the phenomenon and to understand why it was occurring in specific parts of the island, after certain measurements of the air released in one of these bubbles concluded that they were in the presence of carbon dioxide and methane gas.

The simple presence of methane gas is dangerous, but they found a worrying result, these chemical components were under the ground in extremely excessive amounts, to be precise, there was 200 times more methane than in normal air, and 20 times more carbon dioxide than in the common environment in which we live.

Those bubbles were, unfortunately, a consequence of global warming, the strong heat waves had caused the permafrost of the tundra, a very thick layer of permanently frozen ice underground, to melt, thus releasing those gases in massive quantities just below the surface.

The methane released by leaking melted permafrost is related to strange craters and sinks that have appeared without warning in many parts of Siberia, this strange phenomenon under the ground may seem harmless, but it is something serious, what is happening can be highly lethal, just remember that methane is an extremely flammable substance that when in contact with the air can be highly explosive.

Methane emissions themselves could cause additional global warming, this temperature imbalance is not only causing geological warnings, it is also affecting wildlife, this island has experienced a lot of heat in recent times, causing hungry polar bears to leave their homes in search of food, where they finally do not resist the temperature and die.

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