Strange Events Captured By Police Dash Cam

When authorities witness mysteries, they become much more interesting.

Sometimes the strangest phenomena occur when there is no other witness to accompany us, for this reason, we prefer not to tell other people, as it is very possible that they will not believe us, however, when you are a law enforcement officer, you need to document everything in case an event occurs and you need proof to proceed legally. But how do we proceed when something disconcerting happens in front of us, and is videotaped?

Such is the case of certain episodes that have been recorded on video by a dashcam, incorporated into police patrols and other vehicles, to provide evidence of the events that surround them every day, and that do not always have a reasonable explanation. In this article, we list 7 of the 13 strangest videos of this type.

Invisible portal in the sky

We start with a South Wales police helicopter, it is flying at 1000 feet over the Bristol Canal, when its thermal camera detects a perfectly round sphere in the distance, the pilot quickly gives information about what he sees to determine according to the radar what is there between the visual disturbance, but for ground control, it seems that they cannot find anything that matches the description.

That is when the pilot realizes something very strange, he cannot see the sphere with his own eyes, it is only possible to observe the sphere through the thermal camera. Perhaps this was a malfunction of the camera, but it is also likely that this circular object has some kind of advanced technology, which allows it to have properties to hide from view. However, there has been no explanation for this fact.

But the strangest part still remains to be told, given how confused the pilot is, he decides to approach for a closer look, and suddenly he can see that the sphere opens up, which could well be a kind of free vortex, being then a possible portal to an unknown destination.

In another recording of a police dashcam, in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, an officer is patrolling the neighbourhood in his vehicle, when suddenly a very bright, white light flashes across the sky at high speed. This aerial fireball was seen by hundreds of other local inhabitants also from a great distance. The official explanation was that it was a small meteorite, what is strange is that the number of these events has increased in recent years.

Meanwhile, in Pinellas, County Florida, a deputy sheriff is aboard his vehicle, parked on the side of the road checking for speeding in traffic when, suddenly, an aeroplane passes too close to his car, quickly falling into the street.

The police dashcam of a second deputy was able to record the plane’s rapid descent from another angle until it hit the ground. The two officers run to the scene and meet a path of fallen trees and twisted metal, scattered along the road. They immediately block the road and call the emergency medical services.

Turns out it was the personal plane of a major league baseball player named Roy Halladay. An autopsy revealed multiple intoxicants in the athletes’ systems while they were operating the plane, which could cause a nervous breakdown that could prevent them from continuing to fly the ship until the plane was adrift.

Have you seen this man?

Elsewhere, on a hot summer’s day in Los Angeles, police arrest a suspicious man for questioning. Robert Smith says he is working for his brother’s roofing company and is staying with him in a hotel, although there is something that does not make a good impression on the officer, despite the fact that he has clearly been running in the heat.

The suspect waits while the policeman tries to compare Robert Smith’s features with those of an escaped prisoner. He details radio information about eye colours, tattoos, facial hair and other personal identifying features. Despite all these features, the officer totally believes his roofing story and decides to let it go. The officer would later discover that Robert Smith was actually Richard Lee McNair, the escaped convict he was looking for.

The man is like a ghost, he has escaped from prison twice more, on one of those occasions he did it in a mailbox. Since then, Richard has been captured and is serving a life sentence for taking another man’s life with a gun. That day though, he was the escaped convict, and the officer was unable to recognize him.

A New Jersey police officer is making a routine traffic stop, it’s late at night and he’s on a poorly lit road. When he approaches his patrol again, the man may notice something out of the ordinary, two high-speed lights are directed at him, and he instinctively turns backwards. The officer skillfully walks away from a moving car, just in time to avoid being crushed.

It’s amazing that he has such good reflexes in the middle of a poorly lit highway, but on top of that he had the ability to move around quickly with a full belt on top of heavy equipment, maybe he just reacted without thinking or realizing what was happening.

Finally, we ended up with something brave, an officer responding to an emergency call about a burning van in Glenn Heights, Texas, the danger is greater, as the fire is very close to a restaurant where the van was parked. The officer thinks fast, hits the car from behind, pushing it away from the building. The vehicle could have exploded at any time with sufficient force to cover it with.
flames and shrapnel.
Everything was recorded on his dashcam

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