The Alarming Discoveries That Will Make You Think Twice Before Eating Again At McDonald’s

The alarming discoveries that will make you think twice before eating again at McDonald´s

Researchers use a microscope and find hair and mysterious fibers on the chicken at McDonald´s

For a long time, fast food chains have been subjected to research and distrust on the part of consumers, the lack of health controls and poor quality of the food offered there has been the main cause, and brands have also been involved in different studies that produce harmful results for health, especially for children, taking into account that the majority of consumers are minors.

One of these reports points to McDonald’s fast food chain and could involve a very disturbing discovery that would change the way we see this well-known chain, as it introduces into our diet elements that should not be consumed by anyone, opening the way to various mysteries such as the reasons and consequences of this.

The work was done in the program of Mike Adams, a food researcher, who decided to do the study for the first time with Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory, a new branch of science that would investigate food under a microscope to better analyze its components and what are the hidden elements that we actually take to the stomach.

Analyzing what we eat under the microscope

Mike has had an important track record in food research, had controversial discoveries with fake blueberries and irregularly processed cereals, but this time he decided to do research under the microscope with fast food purchased at McDonald’s, specifically one that is located in Austin, Texas.

The researcher in his video after making a quick presentation decides to order a chicken order, 10 pieces of McNuggets and a Big Mac, and immediately takes it for review under strict health care conditions, places it in the lens of a high-powered microscope, to get a close look at what’s in its food.

Mike Addams makes sure that there is no organic debris interfering with the investigation, and puts on safety gloves, starts by analyzing the McNuggets to open up the investigation, looking at the surface of the chicken and the outer texture, then enlarges to get more detail, taking advantage of the potential of the microscope, you can begin to notice mysterious fibers through the chicken’s rind.

Some unusual colours also begin to appear on the surface, some scattered parts of red tones stand out, which seems to be a kind of food colouring agent, Mike decides to go deeper to understand what he sees, opening the chicken, where he begins to see shapes that remind him of an extraterrestrial film. Nothing like the chicken we all know, even in the picture can be seen as a thick layer of tissue is transparent, and no one could think from what we see, that it is a piece of chicken.

Transparent fabrics and unusual colours in the chicken

Contrary to what the researcher expected to find, it was not processed chicken and a fried outer crust, further increasing the scope of the microscope, Mike began to see a series of strange fibers protruding from the surface and distributed throughout the crust, taking advantage of the advantages to improve the plane of observation, he noticed that the more its potency increased, the rarer the appearance of the chicken became.

Not only was he in front of fibres very similar to human hair, he also began to see egg-shaped, light blue structures with hairs sticking out of them, scattered inside the chicken and dark spots, along with other strange shapes that raise very disturbing questions about what people consume daily on McDonald´s.

Some of these mysterious elements even appear to be embedded in the mass of the McNugget. One of these strange findings has pointed ends and seems to have red dyes that make the chicken look like this even before it is opened under the lens as if it is expanding into the rind.

The researcher was so intrigued by these capillary fibers that he tried to remove one of them, using a pair of thin tweezers he could see that these hairs were embedded in the chicken’s rind, he could also find a green spherical object, which had a very large resemblance to any seaweed, and appeared to be a growing fungus expanding outward from the piece.

The conclusions of the study on the chicken sold by McDonald´s and its possible risks for human consumption

According to Mike Adams, this laboratory does not claim or imply that the findings discovered during the microscopic study of McDonald´s chicken are unsafe for human consumption. However, what was seen is disturbing and it would be appropriate to conduct an official investigation into the health controls of the brand, what the procedure is for processing the chicken and what ingredients are used.

In particular, we cannot help but wonder where the human hair-like structures come from; this is especially important given that chickens are hairless, and when they are cooked, all polluting fibres and unwanted agents should be destroyed. It was not possible to determine with certainty whether these fibres are human tissues, or whether they are otherwise, but the appearance is rather unpleasant, and should not be in what we eat.

Is there cross-species contamination in the processing of chicken from McDonald´s? This question needs to be answered urgently to ensure that consumers are not affected, after which the researcher advises people to look more closely at what they are served before eating, they may be surprised to discover that they are confronted with unwanted elements of strange origin, or worse still, contaminated foods capable of intoxicating someone.

The photographs were taken by Mike Adams on August 15, 2013, at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab facility. The actual samples of the chicken that were used to do the investigation under the microscope were frozen to store forensic evidence. All the material can be found on the official Natural News website, and their video reports are also available on Youtube to view the study from the beginning.

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