The Hoax Of landing On The Moon Faces A Bottle Of Coca Cola

An Australian woman claims that Apollo 11 was a setup

Among all the polemics that have surrounded modern times, there is a very strong focus on the subject of moon landing, as a large group of skeptics think that all this was a deception on the part of the American government, that the astronauts never actually left a specially prepared television studio with special effects and lighting that would give the impression of a place in space.

So many testimonies and proofs that abound on the net are confused between myths and legends that try to deny these missions, however today we focus on one woman in particular, who totally questions what happened from images that we leave to the viewer’s judgment, it is possible that she is a compulsive liar trying to attract attention or it is someone who has discovered a huge lie from a small detail that few would observe.

In Western Australia, during the live broadcast of Apollo 11 in 1969, many viewers in that region of Australia, including Una Ronald, were able to have an extraordinary experience in front of the screen. Ronald says that when the supposed moon landing occurred, she decided to stay awake to watch the live broadcast, there were a large number of television channel viewers, being able to watch from the control centre with extended anticipation and a lot of emotions surrounding the comments and conversations of everyone on the street.

But before we get to what happens next, we need to know how Apollo 11’s television coverage went, and how this got on our screens, Bill Wood, a telecommunications engineer says how it went, says that just before Armstrong stepped on the moon, you can actually see the change, it shows a black and white place, then it changes to a little better and they get the TV signal from Honeysuckle Creek, the NASA station located in Australia near Canberra.

So when Armstrong stepped on the surface of the Moon, the signal actually came through Australia, but at the time the event was reported, this was done through the Goldstone Observatory, that is, the voices came from there, but the live images on television were from Australia.

Ronald says that as he watched this, he saw a person walking next to a bottle of Coca-Cola in the lower right corner of the screen, who seemed to kick the bottle and roll it across the room, so his expression was immediately amazing, and he shouted at the time that he was convinced that it was a fake scene and that for him that shooting was not happening on the moon, but in a television studio or some other lonely, arranged place.

At the time she was very convinced that it was a montage, and that it was not possible that there was a bottle of Coca-Cola there, at the time she had no one nearby to tell her what she had seen, so she knew that her friends would see the broadcast being repeated during the morning, Ronald, of course, waited for them to do so to share impressions and she also saw the event on television again, but this time there was not a single bottle of soda rolling.

What made her believe at the time that it should have been an edited broadcast, she was convinced that it was a fake, she wonders why it should be a fake, why this was done on a set, she says that two or three of her acquaintances saw it and that she also hoped there would be letters written to the Western Australian newspaper where they mentioned the soda bottles, expected them to ring the bell and talk about it.

But suddenly he found that there was nothing at all, and this is how Ronald supposes that those who saw him, denied their own senses as most people would do in the face of such a famous and decisive event for history, began to think well that he was not feeling well, that maybe he had seen something that was not there, in his opinion it was okay that they had thrown some garbage from the spaceship or something like that could have been invented by people.

On television, the complicated process of retransmitting and capturing the Apollo images was explained, as well as the work that NASA did to capture the images from Honeysuckle Creek and Parkes along with the Australian television, the Apollo 11 images were not sent directly to Western Australia either, there was no broadband or satellite link from Sydney in 1969.

These images had to be sent to Perth in Sydney by other means and then broadcast locally, so for an engineer in the loop who was aware of the false live TV coverage, there was reason to add more additions to the scene, on the other hand, there was an opportunity here to manipulate the material before the broadcast via Western Australia.

Ronald goes on to say that during that moment when he was watching the broadcast and watching the Coca-Cola bottle, he became aware that the moon landing was a fake event, he firmly asserts that it was a montage, and therefore this pretend mission must have been filmed in some secret place, possibly in the United States, far from any visible witnesses, in some lonely place or inside a rigged set.

The truth is that many people are not able to see a credible speech in Ronald, while others take this as further proof to ensure that Apollo 11 was a government setup, and it was all a big lie, among the doubts of those who saw the event live, those who find no explanation for other details such as the strange shadows of the image and other factors, the discussion remains open to this day.

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