The mystery of the gravity defying magnetic hills

Some hills in different parts of the world seem to defy gravity and make things “fall up”
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Magnetic hills are a kind of tilt in the terrain with a mystery that has not been fully explained to date, in which objects seem to defy gravity on their own. For example, if a ball is placed on the surface of one of these hills, it seems to roll upward, rather than downward as is normally the case under the law of gravity.

Magnetic hills exist virtually all over the world, from the United States, Canada, India, and Australia to remote villages in Europe. As these hills seem to defy the laws of nature, they have become tourist attractions, and hundreds of curious people will test what the legends say.

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Some might think it is an advertising campaign to bring tourists to these regions, but the truth is that magnetic hills seem to defy the laws of physics. If a little water is dropped on one of these mountains, it should be dragged down naturally by gravity. On the magnetic hills, the exact opposite seems to be true; the water is rising up the slope.

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This one is A gravity hill, also known as a Magnetic Hill is located on Black Rock Road near the townships of Pekina and Peterborough in rural South Australia, several hours drive north east of Adelaide.
Many explanations have been proposed to justify the existence of these hills, one of the main theories being that the gravitational force acting in these places is unbalanced, that is to say, that in its lower part it is weaker than in the higher areas, which would cause the objects to climb up its slope, regardless of the degrees of inclination.

It is true that gravity does not act uniformly throughout the planet. For example, in areas near the Earth’s equator, a slightly weaker gravitational force is experienced than in others further away, making it possible for even an egg or screw to remain perfectly balanced at its base without assistance from anyone.

Alternatively, some have resorted to the paranormal in order to find an explanation for the magnetic hills phenomenon. For example, in Lake Wales, Florida, there is a legend about a terrible battle between a giant alligator and a Native American chief. In the place two lakes were formed, by the spirits of both, causing anomalies in the magnetic energy of the place.

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In Pennsylvania, for example, there is a magnetic hill just off Route 219 at Brandy Camp, Elk County, which is supposedly haunted by dead horse spirits. It is said that the number of animals that lost their lives with their owners in that place has caused strong energies capable of deforming gravity in the area, and making the objects “roll up”.

Another explanation talks about visual effects and optical illusions. According to this theory, the configuration of the terrain and the surrounding environment create a horizon that makes us believe that a downward slope is actually upward. Nevertheless, the magnetic hills are still a source of a surprise today, as the effects of this optical illusion are quite convincing, even when they are known beforehand.

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