The Scary and Bizarre YouTube Channel Of Bensplayhouse

Bensplayhouse is the name of a creepy Youtube channel full of videos that cause anxiety
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We know that special effects and marketing campaigns currently compete to attract the largest possible audience through the intriguing material, causing many of these types of videos to turn viral and end up being montages to sponsor brand or movie launches, but sometimes the scariest thing you can find is not conveniently edited or produced for your consumption.

To show you the great amount of terrifying and real recordings that exist, we can visit any Deep Web portal, although in that place are the most graphic, there are some videos that do not need to show blood to produce the same terror, capable of robbing us of sleep during the night.

But the investigation of these videos sometimes has to be done among the least expected elements, sometimes it is necessary to unite the pieces and make some connections to understand complex cases that can end in mysteries unknown to the authorities, or that open enigmas capable of shocking the social networks and become a viral issue.

This is the case of a Youtube channel called Bensplayhouse, created on November 15, 2012, its description makes visitors visit as soon as they enter feel disturbed, “I catch people and turn them into my friends” has an associated and abandoned Twitter account just like the portal’s activity since 2015.

The videos that Bensplayhouse uploads look like the typical meaningless horror videos that you can see on many other Youtube channels, the main features are saturation of special effects, sounds, very loud, people behaving strangely and distorted approaches, but the user who produced these specific videos stands out, because even though they are short, they have good quality, and they also enjoy a good amount of playback.

Until the moment we watch the Bensplayhouse channel we can feel uncomfortable, we see ghostly human figures, apparently schizophrenic behaviours and places in ruins that have the presence of masked people, playing a kind of meaningless performance.

More than just distorted special effects

The Bensplayhouse channel was until recently one more of those strange cases of the Internet that nobody understands, and it was thought to be a marketing campaign to launch a horror game in the near future, but these innocent beliefs changed abruptly when an anonymous user of the Internet, through the famous 4chan forum, realized something terrifying, which even today scares the people who study the case.

In 2015, a Twitter user named Collin Henson started using the Vine service, a short video platform that became a trend among social networks during that time, and in which Collin had a small audience that followed him and kept an eye on his updates, even though Twitter activity was very low.

Most of the videos that Collin uploaded to Vine were fun dances and things he did every day, but since he uploaded his last clip to the platform in 2015, he’s never been heard from again, never updated on Twitter or appeared on other internet platforms, believe it or not, this guy is directly connected to the mysterious Bensplayhouse channel.

This situation began when Collin decided to go for a walk near his house and record it for Vine, on the way he found an abandoned asylum with an open door, he was encouraged to enter and explore it to record the visit on video, and to update the platform so that his audience could stay connected to the tour.

The images captured on video by Collin bring back the frightening memory of an image we just saw, ruined corridors of an abandoned asylum can’t bring with them a pleasant experience, the place this boy has entered is the same place he used to record in the Bensplayhouse channel, and if in doubt, Collin updates once again on Vine, and shows the animal mask worn by a psychopath in the video, but of course, he has no idea about this.

The last video that Collin uploaded is walking down a dark and scary hallway, after this went by for several hours without updates, people began to wonder what had happened to him and every time the concern grew more and more, until from his account someone uploaded a video where you see Collin very high on the ground, without knowledge of what happens and being forced by another person to consume hallucinogenic pills while laughing, after this, he never knew about it.

A serial killer on the loose

The coincidence between the details of the place, the mask and the doors was discovered just a year ago by a 4chan user, and they found that the Bensplayhouse channel had indeed used that abandoned asylum to make their terrifying recordings, so the possibility of being a game changed drastically and could be a case of kidnapping at the hands of a psychopath.

But if you look at the details of Bensplayhouse, you will find that this channel records the visit of an urban explorer to the madhouse, you can see how his figure approaches the camera in one of the clips, and then as he is chased by another person in a sick game, this person is silently harassed by Collin, the kidnapper recorded everything that happened on video, and we can verify it by comparing the points of view in the Vines.

This mystery is even more frightening when we look at one of the latest videos from Bensplayhouse, where you see a plane passenger in mid-flight, wearing a red jacket with blue jeans, exactly the same clothes that Collin wore when he went for a walk and entered the abandoned asylum, so the psychopath from this Youtube channel not only kidnapped him for hours and forced him to take drugs, he also stole his clothes and ran away, leaving Collin possibly dead somewhere hidden.

This is all the information we have about the Bensplayhouse channel, the connection to Collin‘s Vines was found by chance in an internet forum, which leads us to think about how many chilling cases of murder and kidnapping happen every day without anyone knowing.

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