The strange call from Boothworld Industries

Users of Internet forums and communities think it’s a secret agency of contract killers.
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Many people believe that this story that we will tell today is a legend, others believe that it is an advertising effect, the truth is that the story is real, and is based on the mysterious phone number (630)-296-7536, has a certain , and when you dial him a call, you get a rather strange message.

“You have called Boothworld Industries, your number has been saved and tracked, and an agent will call you back soon to arrange a remodel. At Boothworld Industries we appreciate your call. Have a wonderful day” answers one woman’s recorded message, the mystery is that unlike other strange numbers, many people claim that this particular one calls you back, and there is a video that proves it.

No one knows what the voice means when it speaks of “remodeling” but in internet references that have come out of 4chan and Deep Web forums they believe it is a term used to refer to mercenary contracts, that is, a number that you call if you want someone to be killed, others, however, think that what it means is something much worse.

The relationship of this phone number to illegal trade is a great possibility; drug and arms traffickers who worked at the Deep Web, specifically on Silk Road before it was closed by the authorities, sometimes used common terms to disguise their products and services.

There are those who believe they are referring to the body modification service, when for aesthetic, religious, or cultural reasons you make a very drastic change in your body, which can include piercings, tattoos, or grafts that can completely change a person’s normal appearance.

It is believed that Boothworld Industries is a company through which you can do this kind of thing, but taken to the extreme, to a limit that no tattoo shop, piercing and other body modifications would dare to cross, as illegal or immoral, this alludes to people suffering from Apotemnophilia, a neural disorder that describes satisfaction for amputating body parts.

Michael Fessey is a successful Youtuber, has a channel called Whatshallwedonext, in August 2016, he ended the debate on whether or not it was true what many people claimed, that Boothworld Industries returns calls after a few days of initial contact.

Michael uploaded evidence that this really happens, when you call, the operator supposedly records and tracks your number, however, if they believe or detect that you are recording the call, they will immediately cut you off, and possibly give you a rather frightening voice, with obvious deformations in the tone of someone who does not want to be identified.

You may want to try calling, and convince them that you are a customer going to the United States, according to Michael’s story, it can take up to four days to return the call, although there is no official information about the services this strange company offers, so they may ask you a series of questions that you can’t answer and cut off the call, keeping a record of your phone number and your supposed location.

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