The Sun Has Disappeared

The strange story of Twitter that could be a future event or experiences in a parallel universe

People from all over the world are waiting for a rather strange Twitter account, which has been uploading scary content and tells a disturbing story, most say that if at some point they lived the same thing as that guy, they would have no idea what to do, others say they would rather take their own lives, however, there is no shortage of those who think this is another viral marketing campaign and that everything is a false story.

The story is told in a sequence of tweets that have been constantly updated from the day the account was created until today, April 30th, a mysterious user named @TheSunVanished writes his first message, “Help”, and continued from that moment on to post increasingly confusing updates, “it’s already midday and it’s still dark outside” the subject apparently says that although it should have dawned hours ago it’s still night.

“I can hear the next county tornado alarm, but the weather app tells me the day is clear, where’s the sun?” to prove that he’s not just another delusional person, and that he’s not lying, the guy then uploads a video that’s absolutely incredible, and it’s thanks to this video that his Twitter account starts to get people’s attention.

This is an impressive video that shows a television set broadcasting CNN’s signal, while reporting on a curfew imposed in the United States by the mysterious disappearance of the Sun, which has left hundreds of violent riots and looting across the country, and images of burning cars and anarchy in the streets.

The reporter mentions that the situation of chaos is presented in cities such as New York, Chicago, Dallas and Washintong, and that the president called on the population to remain calm, under the shelter of their homes, the rest of the room looks completely dark, it seems that the sunlight has disappeared completely.

Another tweet says “the light goes out and comes on and on, and I keep hearing noises coming from outside, sometimes far, sometimes close”, it seems that the Sun went out in this person’s parallel universe; in the next message another video was uploaded showing the totally dark sky, with some strange lights shining intermittently, like UFOs.

“I can’t sleep, I think the noises outside are gunshots, it’s still dark, in the news they said that everything will be normal today but it’s not” and a few hours later he writes that the cable signal was lost, in the next message another video comes up, stranger than the previous ones, where he walks through a forest, uses a flashlight to light the way, points to the sky that remains completely dark, it looks very real, as if the Sun had really disappeared.

@TheSunVanished says something happened flying over the neighborhood, also uploads a scary picture of someone standing in front of his house, claims to have no idea how long he has been there, several hours later updates, says he is still standing there, has not moved, the user says that only one of his friends answered a message.

This person asked him to move away from the window, not to turn on the lights or talk to the motionless subject outside, and if he saw a light from outside, to hide. The door of his home is knocked several times but he does not open it following his friend’s recommendations, he also comments that everything is getting quite cold because of the disappearance of the Sun.

People’s theories about this story are varied, some say it’s an extreme case of the “Mandela Effect”, others say it’s perhaps the most complex viral campaign ever made for a film, what no one can explain is how they made such a real CNN video and how they achieved the effect of turning off the sunlight completely. To this day the story continues, and can be seen on your Twitter account @TheSunVanished


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