The World’s Creepiest Train Station

The Tsutsuishi train station in Japan is a place for the brave

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Japan is an overcrowded, densely populated country that exhausts the operational capacity of basic services such as transport, electricity, water and food, the pace of life is really fast, everything is massive and moves in the direction of time and money, so it is one of the places where the use of trains and railways is essential for daily life.

Not only has it happened in Japan, for years the railroad has become the best method of travel, and of course, it has been of great importance for transporting workers and students from home, it is a modern and efficient system that avoids major traffic jams and also reduces the likelihood of an accident. For many years in Japanese culture, it has allowed the growth of the economy and technology to develop.

Visiting Japan’s train system is incredible, its modern facilities have a complex set of tunnels and rails designed to provide the greatest control and security for passengers, the stations have appropriate places to wait for the wagons, and people tend to maintain a certain organization when boarding the train (despite having to be pushed by employees to get in as well as possible).

Certainly, comfort is an issue that cannot be highlighted in Japan’s train system, since the number of people who board the rail system on a daily basis is massive, however, incredible as it may seem, there are certain train stations that remain solitary, and are the opposite of what is reflected in the country’s main stations, seem to be taken out of horror films, and make the few brave people who visit them feel chills.

The example is at the Tsutsuishi train station in Niigata, a coastal city in central Japan, which is curiously one of the least populated places in the country, with only 800,000 people, has one of the most chilling train stations, not only in the country, but is also qualified as such by the few foreign tourists who have come to this city, and who claim to feel a very heavy change of energy in the environment when entering the station.

Arriving at the train station

The outside appearance of the Tsutsuishi railway station seems to be normal, a little abandoned and different from all the others because of the characteristic loneliness of its surroundings, however, once inside it is when the real terror begins, and we can understand what makes this part of Japan’s train system so creepy.

It should be noted that the area around the station is forested and has a mountain range next to it, so instead of creating a station like any other, the engineers and workers who were in charge of its construction were faced with a great challenge, because of the terrain conditions and the geography of the environment had to cross the mountain.

This group of people did different studies to find an efficient construction method, so when they designed the train line they were forced to dig a huge tunnel more than 11 kilometres long, which crosses the region through the mountain to offer a solid construction, with a direct path to the destination of the passengers.

This construction means that when people reach the train stops they have to go down 40 meters of stairs to the bottom of the earth, a route of almost 300 steps that plunge people into an increasingly cold and mysterious environment, in the midst of humidity and very bright lights that remind them of horror movies, with walls without paint consumed by fungi.

The route of the tunnel is surprising, even causing the descent to become blurry and dark, with some parts without any lighting, in addition to this, the Tsutsuishi train station has a reduced average of just 60 passengers per day, as most travel in the city using vehicles or bicycles, so it is very, very likely that the journey should be done alone.

The general description of the people who have visited the Tsutsuishi train station is very frightening, some say that it is a long road of darkness that produces different sensations, conveys a lot of anxiety and fear as soon as you go down the first steps, and it is common to feel that you are being chased by shadows and ghostly footsteps.

The ghost of the train

The locals have also said that they always hear disturbing voices inside the tunnel and that they have been confronted by the appearance of a woman dressed in white, with very long hair. and hair, local legend has it that this young woman disappeared when she entered the tunnel and lost her life inside, so her spirit was trapped in the station and she wanders around frightening the passengers.

Arriving at the end of the tunnel, after having descended the disturbing path of wet stairs, you will find what appears to be the room of an apocalyptic refuge, the place has a robust door and rustic metal seats that seem to have been taken out of a military bunker, behind that door you will finally find the point where the passengers get on and off.

Rails with much less strict and common maintenance than the rest of the stations make that when the wagon approaches, very loud high noises come out, similar to the cries of a frightened woman, in addition, the sensation of fear does not stop being present, and together with the damp cold of the facilities makes believe that different shadows and silhouettes of ghosts surround the train and wait to board with you.

If the train is not yet close to arriving, the wait is a great mixture of fear and anxiety, taking into account that it is very likely that you are the only passenger waiting, different noises in the darkness will make you lose your temper, inside the tunnel you can see a dense darkness that will make you feel chills, and in such a small space, you could be frightened by the appearance of the lost woman and fall easily to the train tracks.



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