They’re listening to us all the time

The advance of technology has allowed espionage and surveillance to multiply and invade even our dreams
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Technology trends are becoming “smarter” and replace our work, we need to remember less and less information because everything is hosted in the cloud, we forget our own home phone because it is kept in our phone book, Facebook reminds us of our friends’ birthdays and if something is not on our phone, it is most likely not important or we forget it.

This is how the technology developed by the elite has gradually invaded every corner of our lives and is taking up more and more space in our minds. We can no longer think of going to a library and reading a book because the information is on the Internet and everything starts from the search engine. Everyone stares at their phone screens, few communicate with the person next door, and social networks are now someone’s best reference.

Under the supposed aim of making things more “intelligent” everything now has an internet connection, a microphone, sensors and a lot of functions to gather as much information as possible about the user, and then “adapt to their needs”. The devices store basic personal data as well as detailed information about our intimate life.

Even if the microphones are turned off when we don’t use the function of these devices, like Amazon Echo or Google’s assistant, these devices are listening all the time, the reason is that they constantly send and receive data from the internet, so that companies can have an updated profile of their customers and thus control their advertising cards, multiplying sales and magically offering what people need.

But these needs are directly influenced by these same companies: From when did it become necessary to have so many microphones connected to our lives to feel comfortable? Privacy has become secondary; there is no one who escapes the exhaustive control and surveillance of governments, corporations, and spies.

The excuse offered by the authorities is to guarantee the safety of citizens to prevent acts of terrorism, but let’s be honest, the people who are in charge of monitoring the telephone lines cannot guess who is making a bomb or preparing to make a massacre, before identifying the suspect they must discard and constantly monitor as many citizens as possible, and that includes all of us.

Minute by minute your phone emits signal waves that update your operator’s status, along with information emitted by all its sensors, indicating whether you are near, sleeping, away from home, on your way to work, away from your partner, at the supermarket, driving, and many other data that do not justify extreme surveillance.

We have slowly begun to lose the ability to reason, there is less and less connection between people and more and more dependence on technology. The very devices that promise to make our lives easier become macabre objects of social control. Let’s test and count how many microphones and cameras we have at home,” says each smart device that “makes our lives easier. They’re probably listening to you more than you think.


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