What would happen if the Earth stopped?

The Earth is slowing down its rotation, although scientists say it is impossible to stop it, it is interesting to know what would happen.

The fact that the Earth rotates on its own axis is a great truism to any of us, but what would happen if the Earth stopped rotating in this way? Well, first of all, at the moment of arrest, everything that would be on the surface would receive a boost that would put everything on a kind of ballistic trajectory and send everything eastward at incredible speed.

To better understand the concept, think about what happens when you are riding in a car. While you’re there you don’t notice you’re moving around too much, you can even drink water and sit comfortably in the back seat, until you slow down abruptly or suffer an impact that forces the vehicle to stop immediately.

With our planet something similar happens, all the time we are moving in space at an incredible speed of 1,674.4 km / h in Ecuador, although we do not really realize it, due to factors such as the mass of the planet, gravity and the speed of rotation, this also explains why we can jump and fall vertically right in the same place, even though the surface where we stand moves at high speed.

Then if the Earth stopped rotating on its own axis immediately, we would suffer the effects of inertia and centrifugal force; we would all literally fly through the air at enormous speeds, shooting in any direction, causing catastrophic and unimaginable damage, from people to buildings, mountains, glaciers… Can you imagine the oceans rising in the air at over 1,000 miles an hour?

Besides this, the rotation of the Earth is what allows us to have day and night, so we would stop calculating the passage of time as we do today, the most obvious change would be that the days would last much longer than they do now, just one day would last almost a year.

The Earth rotates on its own axis for 24 hours to return to the same position while the Sun is orbiting, but if it were to stop rotating, it would take 8760 hours to return to the same position when completing a full turn around the Sun, i.e. 365 days of light.

These conditions are hard to imagine, but make the effort, how about an eternal night of absolute winter, or a direct exposure to the sun with hellish summer, capable of setting everything we know on fire? It would be absolute chaos, the animals would become extinct and the plants would die and stop producing oxygen.

Although it is very difficult to find an accurate representation of the Earth’s shape, we know that this planet is neither round nor circular; the flattened poles make it more like a potato, precisely because of the movements it makes. If I stopped making them, then the Earth would be a perfect sphere, thanks to the pressures of gravity and the correct distribution of the energy currents towards the nucleus.

This would create another disaster difficult to imagine, if the Earth were to take the form of a perfect sphere, the oceans would be redistributed on the planet, flooding vast expanses of land, and kilometers of coastal cities and entire countries could end up submerged under water.

But there is no need to fear for the rotation of the Earth, it is impossible that something like this will happen soon, it is more likely that the extinction of the human race will be in our own hands with the development of nuclear weapons, the explosion of a volcano like Yellowstone or because of any other disaster that has more chance of happening in the coming years.

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