Willie Nelson Rescued 90 Horses From a Slaughterhouse and Let Them Roam Free on His Land

Just like you need another good explanation to love Willie Nelson, news has recently surfaced that the musician and cannabis activist is additionally a horse fan.
He’s so keen on them that he rescued 90 horses from being slaughtered.
They are now roaming free on his farm that is 700-acres.

The united states musician spends most of his time at Luck Ranch when he’s not on the trail. The ranch is home to him and the true name“Luck” matches in more ways than one.
Nelson told Paul Venema from KSAT 12 News, “When you’re here, you’re in Luck, and when you’re not, you’re out of Luck.”

The horses are undoubtedly lucky, too and Nelson agrees. He told Venema:

As The Epoch instances reports, Nelson has long held a love for horses. His song drive Me home, for instance, attests to his love for the animal.
Nelson also won an prize in 2015 for the video to his song The Love of Horses. The video shows Nelson meeting people of Habitats for Horses who were trying to end the slaughter of horses by attempting to get legislation that is brand new.

A love for horses runs in the family members. Nelson’s son, Lukas, supports Saving America’s Horses in addition to Habitat for Horses. Therefore the younger Nelson’s musical organization, Lukas Nelson & Promise, have likewise sung praise for horses.

Nelson, who’s nearly 90-years-old, shows no signs of slowing down or staying silent about issues he feels passionately about. (Remember his album against Monsanto?)

When asked about retirement, Nelson simply stated:

“I retire after each show. We say, we spend time awhile and people [the band] feel like playing, therefore we go play again.‘That’s it, I’m not goin’ no more,’ but then”

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